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Abu Dhabi Police arrest European magician


Legal actions are being taken against the magician.

The Abu Dhabi Police arrested a European magician red-handed while he was practising witchcraft and sorcery. The suspect reportedly deluded his victims of his ability to solve their psychological and family problems and alleviate the burden and pressures of daily life.

Brigadier Omran Ahmed Al Mazroui, Director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, explained the event dates back to an earlier time when the Directorate received information from secret sources alerting that a person practised witchcraft and sorcery in his apartment in the city of Abu Dhabi, where he met victims and communicated with them through social media.

Brigadier General Mohammed Suhail Al Rashdi, Director of the Criminal Security Sector, indicated that, instantly on receiving the tipoff, a investigation team was formed to apprehend the sorcerer, and the detectives set up a plan to arrest him red-handed.

Suhail affirmed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to confront those practising such acts, follow up on suspicious activities, prosecute them, and take legal measures against them.

Recently, the Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced three Asians to three months in jail followed by deportation for exploiting the security gap in a government organisation’s website, and using their authority in transactions to renew a number of trade licences without payment of an estimated Dhs6 million fees.

After the report was was filed, Dubai Police investigated the case which took place on June 26.

A Deputy Executive Director of the Government and Legislative Sector at the defendants’ workplace, have witnessed how the accused were using the website’s security gap to renew trade licences and changed its premium by forging online documents, in addition to default of Dhs6 million.

The incident was discovered after the concerned department carried a check on issued trade licences, and an immediate legal action was taken against the defendants.

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