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A Christmas tree with a difference


Studio M Arabian Plaza creates an eco-friendly Christmas tree with over 1,200 used water bottles.

This Christmas Studio M Arabian Plaza Hotel & Hotel Apartment has taken a page out of its sustainability book and has built an eco-friendly Christmas tree. This chic urban hotel has diligently maintained its oath to sustainability and built a Christmas tree out of over 1200 used water bottles.

The sustainable Christmas tree was crafted by the Studio M Arabian Plaza’s amazingly creative housekeeping & engineering teams, over a period of one month. By the look of it, the sustainable tree gives a snowy feel and brings out the feeling of a snowy Christmas.

Upon building this unique and sustainable Christmas tree, General Manager of Studio M Arabian Plaza, Ursula Chidiac commented, “Everyone has used a plastic bottle in their life and more than a million plastic bottles are sold every day, and almost 91 percent of all the plastic bottles are not recyclable. Our engineering and housekeeping teams took a conscious step to make use of the unusable plastic bottles in the most beautiful way, perfectly reflecting our spirit of a sustainable Christmas.”

“Since the start launch of Studio M Arabian Plaza, we have ensured that sustainability is a part of our everyday operations, hence we inculcated this spirit of sustainability in our Christmas festivities,” she added further.

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