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Sharjah Police intensify security due to weather


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

The Sharjah Police have recently increased their patrol on all roads of Sharjah Emirate in an attempt to facilitate the traffic flow during rainy days. No major accidents took place up to now thanks to the efforts made by Sharjah Police.

The Sharjah Police General Directorate urge all motorists to be cautious and take all safety precautions while driving. Drivers are advised to leave a safe distance between vehicles, reduce speed and drive with caution during the current rainy weather, to achieve ultimate safety and security.

However, authorities also urged drivers to follow up with the weather condition through traffic pamphlets and social media, as well as abide by rules and regulation in order to avoid the occurring of any fatal accidents.

Various parts of the country witnessed continuous rainfall with different intensities.

This is because the country is being affected by an extension of surface low pressure, associated with an upper air trough northwest.

It led to formation of low and medium clouds, interspersed with rainy cumulus clouds that towered over scattered areas of the country, especially the northern and eastern. The rainfall was also accompanied by lightning and thunder with gusts of active winds.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) pointed out that the chances of rainfall would remain likely even after Wednesday, as the weather would be cloudy almost all over the places.

The Centre appealed to individuals to be careful and exercise caution while driving during the rainfall, as well as with low visibility caused by the active winds.

In the same context, a number of patrols were deployed during the rainfall periods in various areas of Al Ain city in anticipation of traffic accidents and to ensure the smooth flow of the movements of the vehicles in all the streets of the city.

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