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Sharjah Police arrest suspects in Kalba murder case


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

The Sharjah Police General Directorate have referred suspects of the murder case that took place in Kalba city on Monday evening to the public prosecution. The suspects would be convicted for their heinous crime.

The suspects involved were arrested after the incident took place, that lead to the death of a 25 year-old Emirati man, and the injury of his 26 year-old brother.

The brother was rushed to the intensive care unit.

Kalba Comprehensive Police Station received a call around 8 pm on Monday evening, stating that a fight has occurred among a group of young men, some of them were stabbed with a sharp object.

Sharjah Police patrols and national ambulances immediately rushed to the scene.

The 25 year-old man was badly injured and died on spot. Meanwhile his brother was also stabbed and transferred to Kalba Hospital.

Colonel Ali Al Kai Al Hamoudi, Director of the Eastern Region Police Department, said that a team was formed to investigate the details of the accident, after which they immediately arrested three suspects involved in the fight within one hour of the crime.

Police interrogation revealed that the group involved in the brawl had earlier had heated up arguments that lead to fight.

Col. Al Hamoudi expressed his sadness regarding such unfortunate quarrels that aim to solve personal disputes using violence.

He stressed that Sharjah Police will not tolerate such unlawful acts and will prevent anyone who threatens the security of this community. However, he urged members of the society to solve personal disputes by resorting to the law, in order to prevent such unfortunate incidents from taking place.

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