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Meet the Emirati woman whose innovation can help police solve crimes


Rouda Al Shamsi.

Saratu Abubaker, Staff Reporter

It has been 48 years since the UAE came into being and it definitely has achieved a lot. Whether it is infrastructure, economic boom or being a hub of tourism, the UAE has left no stone unturned to be where it is now and the number of world records it holds are testimony to this fact.

The UAE with the belief that one of the greatest asset of a country is its people, has invested so much in them. And the investments are bearing fruit.  Rouda Al Shamsi, a graduate of the American University of Sharjah has come up with a plan to help accelerate the growth and protect the UAE.

She came up with a Forecasting Defence Smart Center idea that she believes will be a good innovation for the country.

“Sheikh Zayed’s vision and having great leaders and continuous support to the youth and society has helped us thrive and gave all of us the incentive to work hard and lend a hand in every possible way,” she said.

Artificial-Intelligence The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

The forecasting centre is a weaponised centre that is designed to ease and quicken the process of various things that run the country.

From the law enforcement agencies to the human resource departments in firms.

The centre would function under ethical hackers and armed intelligence analysts with the use of artificial intelligence.  “The artificial intelligence can work as a movement analyser, thereby, helping the police in solving crimes by reading faces."

"It can also be programmed to recognise words or hints,” she said.

Al Shamsi graduated with double majors in International Relations and Mass Communication, and a minor in History.

Being an International Relations student she has helped her get exposure on how policies and plans are strategically made, the process of negotiations and analysis and also trades between countries.

With that background, she hopes to use all the knowledge gained in setting up the Forecasting Defence Smart Centre for the benefit of the UAE. According to Al Shamsi, “The forecasting centre can help in forecasting future occurrences, it could be used as a tool for detecting narcotics, since it analyzed and compares current and past situations by programming repetitive patterns.”

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Al Shamsi’s biggest motivation and what makes her pursue the idea relentlessly is the love she has for her country.

“I thought of what will happen after twenty years in terms of innovation. We all know that years from now artificial intelligence will play a huge role in how the world works. The love for my country made me want to come up with a new modernized scheme that would keep this country forever safe from any cybercrimes, attacks and anything harmful,” she said.

On how it will affect the economy, Al Shamsi calls on for more research that involves information technology specialists, artificial intelligence specialists.  

Also learning from other countries that have implemented the use of artificial intelligence in their law enforcement agencies and also human resource management.

“For the law enforcement agencies, the center can be used in training personnel. The center is designed to come up with a lot of possible crime scenarios as well as contingency plans, which can help law officers in training to think and analyze issues as fast as possible,” mentioned Al Shamsi.

“In terms of human resource management, the artificial intelligence in the forecasting center can be programmed using specific words. With that programming method,it can work as an alert for HR managers when sieving CVs’, it can also facilitate the way to reach out to people, and filter what is significant, ” she added.

Al Shamsi added that the love and passion for education of His Highness Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, pushes her into believing everything is achievable.

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