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Operation ‘Death Network’ helps seize 450 kg of heroin and crystal meth in Abu Dhabi


Officials display seized drugs.

In an operation called Shabaket Al Mawt or "Death Network", the Abu Dhabi Police thwarted the promotion of 450 kilogrammes of Heroin and Crystal possessed by an Asian gang of 14 suspects.

Details date back to when the Anti-narcotics teams spotted a drug promoter distributing drugs in several areas in Abu Dhabi, so a plan was set to monitor and arrest him to find out the main supplier.

According to investigations, a suspect who does not reside in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi used to come there only at the end of the week to supply the promoter with the drugs, and both were arrested with nearly 5 kilogrammes of Heroin and Crystal.

According to Colonel Taher Ghareeb Al Dhaheri, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate in Abu Dhabi Police, teams got information about two suspects working for a gang run from outside the country but based in several emirates, in teams. Each team has a specific role in smuggling and promoting the drugs.

Al Dhaheri added according to information obtained by Abu Dhabi Police, a plan has been set to arrest the gang and seize the drugs. As many as 11 suspects were arrested in possession of 189 kilogrammes of drugs before the main dealer supplied them with about 261 kilogrammes for promotion.

Due to the arrest of the suspects, the dealer attempted to change his plan and assigned one of his assistants to hide the quantity until new gangsters were assigned to promote it.

Al Dhaheri affirmed that the investigation teams identified the warehouse where the new quantity was concealed in one of the emirates where it was seized with the rest of the gangsters.


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