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Sharjah Police nab driver of a hit and run case within 24 hours


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The Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police arrested a person who caused death of an Asian man, 29, in a hit and run accident.

The accident took place in the fifth industrial area in Sharjah on Monday evening.

The accused driver sped away from the accident scene but the security teams managed to arrest him within 24 hours from the time of accident.

Major Mohammed Rashid Al Shehhi, Head of Investigation and Traffic Control Department at Sharjah Police, said, “The Central Operations Room received a tip-off at 10:30pm on Monday, about a run-over incident in the fifth industrial area in Sharjah, but the driver who caused the accident fled the scene.”

Immediately, the patrols and the National Ambulance, along with a team from the Investigation and Traffic Control Department rushed to the scene.

The paramedics provided the injured person with the first aid and transeferred him to Al Qasimi Hospital, but unfortunately, he died, confirmed Al Shehhi.
Initially the investigation teams didn’t get any detail or data about the vehicle that caused the accident from the eyewitnesses.

They only found scattered pieces of the vehicle at the accident site.

However after examining the surveillance cameras near the accident site, they got the details of the vehicle.

In light of those data, the team intensified their efforts, so that they were able to identify and locate the driver of the vehicle within hours.
During the preliminary investigation, it was found out that the accused is a 47-year-old Asian.

It was found out the after the accident he headed to a workshop to repair and hide the traces of the accident without obtaining proper papers from the authorities.

The traffic officers' long experience in dealing with various types of accidents greatly helped them quickly identify and arrest the accused person, Al Shehhi said.

After interrogating the accused, he was referred to the Public Prosecution to complete the legal procedures, he added.

Al Shehhi further urged drivers to abide by traffic laws, speed limits on roads, pay attention while driving to pedestrian crossings, and not to flee in case of causing any accident, so as not to expose themselves to legal accountability.


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