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Five Asians jailed for robbing Etisalat payment kiosk


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced a gang of 5 Asians to 6 months in jail to be followed by deportation on charges of robbing Etisalat bill payment kiosks.

According to the official records, the gang members committed several robberies in the same method until they were recently caught by the police while stealing Dhs3,000 from a kiosk.

As per the testimony of the victim, witnesses and the confession of one of the defendants, the manager of the shop in which the robbery took place received a call from one of his employees that an Etisalat bill payment kiosk in front of a supermarket had been robbed.

The shop’s surveillance cameras showed that the defendants who committed the robbery used a pickup for moving the machine but could not be identified.

Investigations of the incident led to one of the defendants confessing that he and the other defendants have robbed such kiosks in the past. Adding that last time they uprooted a kiosk by iron scissors and transported it to a nearby farm, where they divided the money among them and then threw the kiosk in a nearby dump.

After searching the farm, the tools used in the robbery were seized.


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