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Skivvies nick jewels, cash worth over Dhs20,000


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

Two maids working for a Gulf citizen used garbage bags to put whatever light and valuable items in them and put the garbage bags near a garbage container. The brother of one of them would come and pick up the items during the absence of the family members outside the country. The money and gold jewels stolen were worth Dhs28,000.

In the meantime, the Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned hearing a case in which four Asian men and women were accused of stealing money and gold jewels worth Dhs28,000 from the house of a Gulf citizen. The victim submitted a report to this effect to the police.

The complainant said he had been robbed twice: once when he was in the UAE and Dhs20,000 was stolen from him. When asked about the disappearance of the money, the two maids denied they knew anything about the issue. The other theft took place when he and his family were outside. The victim’s neighbour told him that he took a video showing the two maids taking bags outside the house and putting them near the garbage container. Later, a vehicle with a man inside would come and take the bags, the neighbour added. Two weeks after the incident, the complainant and his family came back to discover that gold jewels worth Dhs8,000 were missing. When asked about the missing jewels by the complainant, the two maids denied any involvement.

Faced by the court with the charges levelled against them, the two maids refuted the charges and one of them said one of the defendants was her brother. The third and fourth defendants stated they used to come to take food only and had nothing to do with the stolen items.

The court decided to adjourn the case to Nov.25 for a verdict. An Asian saleswoman, 33, hid in a corner of the shop she was working for until all the employees left and stole around Dhs3,500 from the cash boxes. According to the official records for the case that Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday, a partner of the shop stated that a worker told him in the morning that a person had stolen the contents of the three cash boxes and there were no signs that they were broken open.

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