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VIDEO: Beirut demonstrators turn protests into raves


Demonstrators hold Lebanese flags as they gather at Martyrs' square in downtown Beirut.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Lebanese have converted their demonstrations into a beanfeast, so to speak. Three weeks have passed since the protests against the government demanding reforms broke out, and there seems no sign of a let-up. Interestingly, unlike mass protests in other parts of the world, the ones in Lebanon are marked by all-night partying rather than wanton violence.

Impromptu gigs have sprung up in several places in Lebanon. Music and singing are the dominant factors and actors, as the crowd starts chanting “thawra,” the Arabic word for “revolution”.

On Sunday evening, thousands of protesters streamed into the main square carrying Lebanese flags and a flurry of inventive slogans on cardboard.

Leb-Read Anti-government protesters read books as they block a main highway in Beirut. AP

"Revolution," they cried to the rhythm of electronic beats in martyrs' Square.

"All of them means all of them," they chanted, calling for political leaders from all sectarian stripes to step down.

Abir Murad, 37, had come specially from the northern city of Tripoli to take part.

Lebanon-Beard A Lebanese anti-government protester uses a small brush to tend to his beard in Beirut. AFP

"We are all united against the leaders... who haven't changed anything in this country," she said.

"We came to say that change is now in the hands of the people."

Leb-Music Anti-government protesters gather at the Martyrs' square in downtown Beirut.

Draped in white sheets, three demonstrators staged a mock execution of the grievances that pushed them down into the street.

Demonstrators blocked key roads and prevented some public institutions from opening on Monday after mass rallies showed political promises had failed to extinguish the unprecedented protest movement.

Unprecedented cross-sectarian demonstrations have gripped Lebanon since October 17, demanding a complete overhaul of a political system deemed inefficient and corrupt.

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