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Arab Reading Challenge contestants thrill the elderly in Sharjah


The joy of the aged knows no bounds.

After a fierce round, Arab Reading Challenge contestants of Mauritania, Lebanon and Jordan are eliminated, with the nine remaining semi-finalists preparing for a further competitive stage.

Umm Nasri Mamin of Mauritania, Lubna Nasser of Lebanon and Shaima Kawakzeh of Jordan left the competition after two decisive challenges set contestants apart.

Mohammed personal note surprises 16 Arab Reading Challenge semi-finalists

Arab Reading Challenge continues to thrill viewers

The fifth episode of the Arab Reading Challenge TV Show saw the 12 contestants, divided into three groups of four, race to maintain their place on the competition. It also featured the Palestinian singer and Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf.

Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf interacts with the students.

The semi-finalists took part in two challenges that involved a visit to an elderly home in Sharjah to present their experience before the panel of judges in an engaging, informative and inspiring well-articulated talk.

After four contestants moved to the safe zone, the remaining semi-finalists joined another challenge that required each to present a symbol that strongly bonds them to their home countries. The second challenge led to the selection of the three eliminated contestants.

The next episode, to be aired on Friday at 9pm on MBC1, will see the elimination of two more semi-finalists as the remaining seven prepare for the final round of challenges. Five contestants will reach the finals in a grand ceremony that will announce the Arab Reading Champion 2019 at Dubai Opera.

Muna Al Kindi, secretary general of the Arab Reading Challenge, said all contestants are winners in the TV show that launched to highlight the importance and positive impact of reading on youth. “The main aim that drives the show is promoting the habit of reading and celebrating the 16 contestants from 14 countries who made it this far with their persistence and hard work. Therefore, no one walks away with loss in this competition.”

She added, “The show sets the semi-finalists as role models to youth across the Arab world, inspiring them to read and preserve their language.”

Mohammed Assaf shared his inspiring success story with contestants, highlighting how dedication, consistency and determination are key to achieving dreams. He emphasised the students’ life-changing experience at ARC that encourages life-long learning and unites millions of Arabs in a spirit of happiness and pride.

Goals met

Although only one winner is to be crowned as the Arab Reading Champion, the experience has been an eyeopener to all the contestants, equipping them with numerous life skills.

It is an experience they will never forget.

Mauritanian Umm Nasri Mamin expressed her pride in meeting her goals that go beyond victory to encouraging knowledge and reading among her fellow compatriots. “The only way to develop an avid reader is through planting the passion for knowledge and education. I am proud that my participation in the challenge has inspired students in my country and fostered an interest in reading among them.”

She noted her pride in reinforcing the role of women as ambassadors of knowledge and contributors to preserving the Arab language through her participation in the challenge. “I want to tell youth across the Arab world that we are the solutions to all challenges facing our knowledge sector. I hope we all read to understand events around us and contribute to finding solutions to our challenges. I urge readers to do their part and spread the habit of reading among people around them to make a positive difference in society.”

Lebanese Lubna Nasser said representing her country ahead of millions of viewers and being part of promoting knowledge among young generation bring her enough pride.

“The challenge presented an exceptional opportunity to develop my self-learning and critical thinking skills and improve my linguistic abilities and communication,” added Nasser.

Meanwhile, Jordanian Shaima Kawakzeh said the joining the challenge “taught me that everyone who reads avidly and works on developing knowledge and future skills are heroes who will be capable and well-equipped to build a better future for countries.”

She noted that the challenge inspired contestants to continue reading and developing their linguistic skills. “I hope the show helps spark the passion knowledge and reading among the young generation and inspire critical thinking.”

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