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Wife abuse case deferred to Nov.20


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Misdemeanours court deferred to Nov.20 the case of an Arab charged with beating up his wife and her elderly mother when the mother attempted to defend the daughter, after family disputes.

The wife said there was a family dispute between her and her husband, adding that her husband beat her up on her back, shoulder and foot with his hand.

She added he also assaulted her mother when she attempted to defend her daughter.

The wife explained she had been beaten up before and that there were cases in the family court regarding divorce.

The wife’s mother said she stayed with her daughter and her husband and on the day of the incident, a dispute broke out between the couple and the husband beat his wife, noting that it was in August 2019.

The suspect denied the charges, affirming he had not beaten up his wife and mother, but all these allegations were tricks to get divorce.

The suspect’s lawyer demanded booking the case for a verdict but the court adjourned it.

Recently, a woman who knifed a masseuse during a wrangle over a boyfriend won a lenient punishment at the Dubai Appeals Court.

The Asian worker, 30, prepared a knife and summoned the Indian masseuse, 33, for a meeting to find an amicable solution to their misunderstanding last year, prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal Court on April 8.

She thrust a knife towards her stomach. The masseuse warded off the attack with her left arm and sustained an injury. She tried to stab again.

The masseuse seized the knife’s blade and sustained finger cuts.

The defendant told prosecutors she was planning to commit suicide after killing the masseuse. The court jailed her for three years plus deportation. The Dubai Appeals Court slashed two years from the jail term.

In prosecution records, the defendant contacted the masseuse and introduced herself as the man’s girlfriend. She demanded the masseuse to stop going out with him, talking to him and even coming close to him.

“She claimed my relationship with him was the reason he changed towards her. She requested me to meet and mend things. I contacted him. He told me he broke up with her because she caused him problems.

“I offered to escort him to meet her and find a solution to their problem. We met her at the Dubai Water Canal the next day. They disputed. He told her he no longer wanted her because she had another boyfriend.

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