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Art show promoting gender parity opens on Monday


At the Metro by Sanja Jankovic

Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

A group of UAE-based artists have got a unique platform to showcase their works in a collective art exhibition dedicated to promoting a gender-balanced world. The two-day show will run parallel to the Women in Leadership Economic Forum, held in Dubai on Monday and Tuesday and supported by 2XL Furniture & Home Décor and Art4You Gallery.

Jesno Jackson, Art4you Gallery Founder and Curator said, “When it comes to art, it is still very much a man’s world. In the UAE one can discover and connect with diverse cultures and people. Each one having a different and unique voice. When we explore and engage with different cultures and gender through art, we learn something not only about the artist but also about ourselves. For this exhibition, 11 artists from 10 nationalities have captured the need for women empowerment and gender parity connecting to this year forum’s theme ‘Dare to build a better future’.

 “We are committed to building a gender-balanced organisation. Diversity, inclusion and empowerment of women are at the heart of our business strategy and it is wonderful to see the growing role of women in the region,” Amit Yadav, Head of Marketing, 2XL Furniture & Home Décor, said.

Emirati artist Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi said, “Emirati women have been one of the cornerstones of the nation’s development since it was founded in 1971. I would like to celebrate and pay tribute to the legacy of ‘the man who was instrumental to women’s education and empowerment’ by showcasing my work ‘Remembering Sheikh Zayed: The man who built the UAE’”.

Egyptian artist Yasmine Mohamed has named her painting ‘Empowerment’. Elaborating on the idea behind her work, she said, “Empowerment of women is absolutely critical for a balanced socio-economic development. Social, cultural and family pressures on women are often the reasons behind gender inequality. Such pressures lower down the career ambitions of women.”

Peter Farrington from Canada wishes to convey the idea behind changing energies with his work ‘The Winds of Change’. He said, “The energies on the planet are shifting. Raising our level of consciousness, helping us to connect with our divine feminine energies. Embracing and uplifting these energies to the same level an in balance with our masculine energies is essential for a balanced and prosperous future on the planet for all life. The ‘dare’ then is to make way for and allow for this energy.”

Talking about the inspiration behind her painting ‘Floral’, Lebanese artist Nada Al Barazi said, “Just like flowers, strong women convey a sense of admiration. My objective is to show the beauty of nature by using vibrant colours and grow it instead of destroying it. I’m part of nature and nature is part of me that’s why I show my love to it in most of my artworks.”

Indian artist Shobha Iyer wants to convey a bold message through her painting ‘Fearless’. She stressed, “My painting is all about a fearless woman. Don’t hesitate to chase after the things that set your soul on fire. She who dares wins!”

Lindi Badenhorst who has recently moved to the UAE, is participating in the show with her work ‘Growing with the Flow’. Speaking about the inspiration behind it, she said, “My work is an exploration of the relationship between different hues of blue and the composed layers gathering in an ocean of new adventures and cultures. It represents depth, expansiveness, imagination and change. What starts out as a yearning for a new self- expression in art, soon becomes a festival of powerful layers and intensities. The colour-scapes are constructed in an intuitive manner. Initial subtle layers of colour lead to responses that develop by adding layer upon layer to create depth and textural delight. My work is driven by my perception of emotions, moods, and inspirational moments in my everyday life.”

Other artists participating in the exhibition are Jesno Jackson from India, Nevine Meguid from Australia, Shabnam Habib from Pakistan, Sanja Jankovic from Servia and Nadeem Yaqoob Albeloushi from Iran.

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