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TikTok star Hareem Shah’s video inside Foreign Office stirs controversy in Pakistan

A screen grab taken from the video.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered a probe into how the TikTok star Hareem Shah was allowed into the premises of the Foreign Office (FO) in Islamabad and provided the full service required to record a video that, as expected, went viral.

The video stirred a Twitter storm as #HareemShah became the top trend in the country with users of the micro-blogging site weighing in.

Many Pakistanis on social media were outraged and concerned about security.

In the footage, Hareem Shah can be seen sitting on the chair used by the foreign minister.

The inquiry will ascertain how and why she was allowed to enter the committee room and record the TikTok video.

A screen grab taken from the video.

“I managed to get inside the premises and asked someone to please record the footage…I’m not aware of their position,” she told a local television channel following the incident.

Responding to how she was able to get inside the premises, she said, “Look I was granted permission and went in alone. I’m a Pakistani citizen and it is my right to have gone there…I did nothing wrong.”

The FO has launched an investigation into the matter.

The officials are probing how the TikTok star reached the sensitive area where top leaders of the country hold meetings with heads of state.

The FO sources revealed that CCTV footage was being examined to determine those responsible for permitting Hareem Shah to go inside the committee room.

Furthermore, the entry logbook is also being checked and the authorities are figuring out whether the TikTok star visited other places at the Foreign Office.
According to details, Hareem Shah uploaded a video on her TikTok account in which she can be seen inside the committee room at the Foreign Office in Islamabad.

Questions have been raised over TikTok star Hareem Shah’s video, which she recorded inside the Foreign Office. Senior journalist Mehr Tarar also  spoke out saying, “Why’d she be not seated in the visitors’ waiting room, and why was she allowed to record this tamasha in a conference room of one of the most high-security institutions of Pakistan?”




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