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Emirati boy honoured for saving neighbour's family from fire outbreak


Ibrahim Abdulhakim is being honoured by an official of Ajman Civil Defence.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Following the directives of Brigadier Abdulaziz Ali Al Shamsi, Director General of Ajman Civil Defence, Major General Marwan Al Shamsi, Officer at the Civil Defence Centre of the Department, have honoured the 14-year-old Emirati hero Ibrahim Abdulhakim Bin Makhzoum for saving a family’s life from a massive fire that broke out at their residence in Al Jerf 2 Area, Ajman.

Head of the Media and Public Relations Department, Captain Mohamed Humaid Al Muhairi, attended the honouring along with the house’s owner Jomaa Al Nuaimi. The young boy was praised by the Civil Defence team and his school, Ajman Private School, for his heroic act and quick response.

Director of the Ajman Civil Defence, stated that around 10pm on Thursday (Oct.17), the smell of heavy smoke alerted Ibrahim, leading him to look for the its source when he discovered the smoke coming out of his neighbour’s residence.

The house owners were not aware of the danger until Ibrahim attempted to reach out for the maid to warn her. He quickly reached for a phone to call the emergency number of Ajman Civil Defence (997) to report the accident giving its accurate and clear location.

Moreover, Ibrahim kept his composure throughout the whole incident and managed to alert the owners of the villa by knocking the front door and evacuate their belongings and cars. The family of four, father, mother and two daughters aged between 14 and 23 years, were safe from any harm.

This young hero then disconnected all electricity connections and opened the main gate so the Civil Defence teams could save the situation.

The fire was controlled and put out by the teams, then the matter was handed to Ajman Police to investigate about the cause of fire.

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