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VIDEO: Activists in Islamabad slam cruelty against animals at zoo


Activists protest outside Islamabad Zoo on Saturday.

Adnan Mehmood, Staff Reporter

Dozens of residents of Islamabad, animal and pet lovers on Saturday held a protest to raise to demand an end to animal cruelty.

The protest was organised by animal welfares to raise awareness to stop animal cruelty in zoo.

"The animals are suffering and there is a need to take immediate action to save them" said one activist.

The hashtag campaign #VoicefortheVoiceless raising awareness about the animal cruelty on social media went viral.

A peaceful demonstration against animal cruelty took place outside the Islamabad Zoo on Saturday.

The movement aims to compel the government to stop cruelty against animals at zoos as well as at the pet markets across the country.

The protest, organised by Critters Ark Welfare Organisation (CAWO), Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) was attended by dozens of residents and animal lovers.

Pakistan-Protest-animal Pakistani actor Mishi Khan and Vlogger Seresha join the protest in front of Islamabad Zoo. 

“It aches my heart to see animals at zoo and at pet markets in miserable condition. There is no proper management in zoo. Elephant is alone suffering in cage. No proper food is provided by management. The animals have been suffering,” said actor Mishi Khan.

“In zoo animals are suffering a lot there is no proper food for them no proper environment no proper medication. If the management will keep these animals suffering they will also die. We want zoo to be coverted into safari park so that animals can live happily in natural environment.

"If the government can’t do this then please close the zoo. These poor voiceless animals are not for entertainment. Shame on MOCC Pakistan, IMC, CDA, Government of Pakistan, Poor Judiciary system, Punjab wildlife authority, corrupt zoo mafia.

"Islamabad Murghazar Zoo is the worst animal captive facility in the world. Only solution is to close all the Zoos.” said animal activist and rescuer Anila Umair.

Many other activists also raised concerns about the well-being of the zoo’s sole elephant, Kaavan.

Pakistan was given Kaavan as a diplomatic gift from Sri Lanka.

He resides in an enclosure comprising a dilapidated shed and cement pool, which is dry most of the time. His only companion Saheli died in 2012.

Lonely elephant Kaavan suffering "mental illness."

Dog-Pak-Protest A dog wears a slogan ‘Cage the animal abusers’ in front of Islamabad Zoo.

The Himalayan brown bear at Islamabad Zoo is nursing an open wound on his foot. The thousands of visitors for whom the zoo keeps Pakistani wildlife captive now demand action to save his life.

"The residents are wondering as to why you have an injured animal on display. Since you haven’t yet noticed the bear’s agony, we recommend the following treatment plan by a trained and experienced wildlife veterinarian. First, remove the bear immediately from public display."

Outrage over Kaavan’s treatment went global – with a petition garnering over 200,000 signatures – after it emerged he was being chained at the Islamabad Zoo.

“Whenever we have visited, there was no food and water in most of the enclosures. That’s the main reason we want to pressurise the ministry to officially take over. Thousands of animals suffer every day in Pakistan by a lack of humane treatment.” said Syeda Anzila Batool, an animal rescuer.

"The general public of Pakistan together with the government can make a difference to succeed in accomplishing animal rights," she concluded.

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