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Sultan receives honorary doctorate in Madrid


Sheikh Sultan received the doctorate from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Autonoma).

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, received an honorary doctorate from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Autonoma).

The honour was in recognition of Sheikh Sultan’s cultural efforts and scientific status in binding cultures together.

The Chief of Sharjah Police and his deputy and all employees of the Sharjah Police General Headquarters congratulated Sheikh Sultan on the honour. They appreciated the role played by him in enriching knowledge and culture of society.

Sheikh Sultan has affirmed that meeting and knowing other people is a divine directive of our religion. “Our presence here in Spain is aimed at forging a common future based on love and affection, and meeting new people without any hidden agenda,” His Highness noted.

The Sharjah Ruler made these remarks in the presence of high-level guests and attendees at the launch ceremony of Spanish language editions of a collection of his historical and literary works at the Teatro Real Opera House in Madrid.

Sheikh Sultan said: “It is no longer hard to meet others, or introduce ourselves to them like before. I used to think that my quest of discovery was like running after a mirage, but soon I found that others are looking for us too, and want to meet us. In the beginning, it was with the UK through cultural exchange; then came Germany and France, followed by Italy, and now, Spain.”

 The Sharjah Ruler continued: “We share a special relationship with Spain; the country is truly close to us. We left our names in your valleys and on your walls. We decorated your nation with our monuments, our culture. We have come to you again today, seeking your love and friendship, recalling a fond past that has connected our cultures forever. To this day, that we are proud of Spain, and hope you are proud of us as well.”

His Highness concluded his speech by calling on the Spanish community to work towards creating a new history of relationships with the Arab and larger Muslim world, join hands and chart a common future with the advancement of individuals and communities at its heart.

Afterwards, His Highness signed a number of copies of his translated works including My Early Life, the three volumes of Hadeeth Al Thakira, I Condemn, A Memorandum for Historians on the Innocence of Ibn Majid, The White Shaikh, The Rebel Prince and The Buried Grudge.

Luis Miguel Pérez Cañada, Dean of Toledo University of Castilla-La Mancha, and one of the most important Spanish Arabists, presented an introductory reading about the literary works of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, and highlighted historical topics in his works. He also highlighted the Sharjah Ruler’s efforts in research and studies to provide important intellectual and literary references beneficial to world libraries. He praised the role of His Highness in promoting books and culture, that led the emirate’s crowning as Unesco World Book Capital 2019.

Sheikh Sultan visited the Museo Naval de Madrid (Naval Museum of Madrid) on Wednesday morning.

At the museum, Sharjah Ruler was introduced to the history of the Spanish Navy since the reign of the Catholic monarchs in the fifteenth century, up to the present.

He was taken on the museum tour by General Juan Rodriguez, Director of the Institute of Maritime History and Culture, and briefed on the key historical highlights the museum offers visitors, in addition to the rationale behind the specific display design in the museum’s halls, which have artefacts and other materials arranged in a historical and taxonomic sequence.

Sheikh Sultan visited explorer Magellan and Elcano’s section, which contain maps and geographical manuscripts developed during their expeditions, navigation tools and weapons used by naval fleets, and models of Spanish naval ships.

The museum’s curators gave a comprehensive overview of the exhibits, historical documents and the most important historical films showing Spain’s maritime discoveries and efforts.

Sheikh Sultan also toured the documents hall, which contains maps and manuscripts of the Arab world and the Arabian Peninsula.

During his visit, the Sharjah Ruler gifted the museum a collection of his literary works translated into Spanish.

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