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Man assaults cops at police station


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court of Sharjah on Monday postponed a case in which an Arab national was charged with assaulting cops while being detained at a police station in the emirate.

The accused had been reportedly arrested over a tip-off that reported his abusing of alcohol.

The first witness, who works at the Sharjah Police, testified that he arrested the accused on the basis of a report that he abused alcohol. He was brought to Wasit police station, the witness added.

At the police station, the accused quarrelled with the cops, as he refused to be searched by them. Not only that, he also pushed the chest of one of them and the witness who intervened when he heard his shouting.   The officer on duty asked him to abide by the laws and subject to searching procedures before being placed in the detention room, the witness added, noting that was between 4-6 am.

Before the Court, the defendant denied the charges of assaulting the cops, noting that they had already searched him once before the incident. Moreover, he was assaulted while being detained. 

He confessed to abusing alcohol, explaining that the reason for his seizure was a complaint filed against him for harassing a woman, which he also denied.

Therefore, the Court postponed the case to Oct.28, to hear the statements of other witnesses, while the defendant will remain in custody.