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S.Korean musical event enthrals audience


The event aligns with Sharjah’s efforts to enhance its cultural ties with countries worldwide.

The Sharjah Department of Government Relations hosted a South Korean cultural and musical event at the Sharjah Cultural Palace on Friday, as part of the Korean Cultural Week being celebrated across the country.

Performed by the Korean musical ensemble ’Do Dance’, the musical show was held in collaboration with South Korea’s Consulate General in Dubai, to introduce the authentic musical storytelling and cultural heritage to the Emirati community. The cultural event aligns with Sharjah’s efforts to enhance its cultural ties with countries worldwide.

The event was attended by Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Department of Cultural Relations, Chun Young-wook, Consul General of South Korea in Dubai, Chairat Sirivat, Thailand’s Consul General in Dubai, and a number of official figures and diplomats.

The evening kicked off with the music ensemble ‘Do Dance’ presenting an enthralling dance programme that reflected the rich history of the Korean province of Jeollabuk-Do. They began with the traditional dance ‘Hwagwanmu, a floral folk dance performed by the queen wearing a traditional dress embroidered with national flowers, in a show of respect to peace, love and prosperity in their country.

In delicate and elegant traditional costumes, the dancers enthralled the audience with ‘Hanbok Cheung Yun’’, one of the famous traditional dances of South Korea. In a folk show performed to Korean traditional music, the group fascinated the audience with their improvisation techniques that blended Korean rhythms with the traditional drum. The band performed another spectacular musical piece, blending Gayageum folk medley and the traditional drum, narrating Korea’s rich history of traditional music and dancing.

In a pansori musical storytelling, Korean opera singer Pang SuMi captivated the audience with folk songs that reflected Korea’s rich cultural heritage. SuMi delighted the crowds with some of the most emblematic folk songs that have forged and shaped the Korean cultural identity, such as Arirang. Pansori is considered a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

The audience was then treated to a highly entertaining dance performance. Dressed in beautiful costumes, a group of female dancers mesmerised the audience with their graceful and elegant movements that blended Korean rhythms with the traditional drum that exemplifies the country’s rich musical heritage. The same group then captivated the crowds with the fan dance, one of the most popular folk dances that dates back 300 years.

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