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‘Qelada’ participates in jewellery show


The exhibition is being held between 1-5 October 2019 at Sharjah Expo.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A group of people of determination under the ‘Qelada’ project have been participating and showcasing their over 22 designs of jewellery at the 5-day Watch &Jewellery Middle East Show in Sharjah.

The project is part of the Ministry of Community Development participation in the show being held at at Sharjah as its main initiatives to rehabilitate and empower the boys and girls of determination.

The exhibition, being held between 1-5 October 2019 at Sharjah Expo, launches a new collection of brooches and pins in collaboration with Emirati designer Maryam Hosni and Saudi designer Khulood Arab.

Till now, the girls of determination accomplished (22) distinctive designs of “Qelada” to produce hundreds of jewellery pieces.

So far, the number of exhibitions in which the girls of determination participated to market “Qelada” project reached 13 all over the UAE, whereas the number of outlets where the Ministry of Community Development markets “Qelada” products are four: Noon application, Dubai Airport Duty Free and the ministry’s website. About 25 girls of determination with intellectual disabilities are working in the “Qelada” project.

The girls of determination will participate in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to showcase their creativities in gem stone-making, namely “Qelada” project. It is worth mentioning to know that “Qelada” project has been significant in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Jewellery Exhibitions last year and the Dubai Bride Show 2019. The visitors admired the experiences of the girls of determination through the inspirational works of “Qelada”.

“Qelada” project aims for the empowerment of the girls of determination through displaying their talents to the community, enhancing their self-reliance, employing their promising creative abilities in designing distinctive jewellery and showcasing unique artistic designs that are filled with glamour of challenge, these include: bracelets, necklaces, brooches and cufflinks.

The project comes as part of the initiatives of the national policy for empowering the people of determination and one of the new milestones of the ongoing training and empowerment of the people of determination. It depends on reproducing currency paper clips into unique jewellery; their artistic and innovative touches create a unique and bright career for them through active participation, giving self-reliance and competitiveness.

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