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Young Emirati killed in traffic accident


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An Emirati young man, Sultan Saeed Khalfan Al Shamsi, 22, was killed in a traffic accident that took place on the trucks road in Al Ain City on Saturday. He was killed after the vehicle he was driving rammed into a lamppost on the cement factory road.

According to a relative of the deceased, the accident took place when the young man, who was expected to be graduated from Zayed Military College early next year, was heading to the college after the Asr prayer.

The funeral prayer was performed in Martyr Omer Al Miqbali Mosque after the Isha prayer and the deceased was later buried in Umm Ghfah Cemetery.

Earlier, a Palestinian student, identified as Abdullah M.K, 8, escaped death in a traffic accident that took place recently on a Ras Al Khaimah road.

The student was crossing the road on his way back from school and was accompanied by his mother, a teacher in the same school in which her son is enrolled.

The family of the grade 3 student confirmed that the mother was not injured in the traffic accident that took place on Al Muntasser Road although she was walking beside her son with a few centimetres away.

The injured student was admitted to Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah where the medical examinations showed that he had a fracture in the right leg and a wound in his head. The student is still in hospital.

The mother of the student, who is the only male son of the family, said she crosses the road between the school and home everyday and is accompanied by her son and daughter. On the day of the accident, she was crossing the road opposite to the family house when a car stopped at the far left side of the road to let her cross the road.

Her daughter had already crossed the road before the three were surprised by a speedy large vehicle coming from the right side and heading to the mother.

The driver tried to evade the mother but hit her son just a few seconds before entering his house.

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