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‘We have risen from the ground to the clouds’


Emirati astronauts Hazzaa Al Mansoori and Sultan Al Neyadi share a light moment.

Henry Jacob

The mission of Emirati astronaut Hazzaa Al Mansoori will enhance the UAE’s soft power, feel Emiratis. The UAE has made phenomenal strides in its spectacular growth, which has pitchforked it into a nation of great reckoning in the international community.

Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the DHA remarks, “This is such a proud and historic moment for the UAE. We thank the UAE leadership for the support, encouragement and opportunities they provide nationals to empower them to succeed in all fields. We thank Hazzaa and Sultan for their dedication and for inspiring young minds to reach for the stars.”

Emirati Rawda Al Ketbi adds, “This marks a new accomplishment for the UAE. This demonstrates how far the UAE has come in its journey from humble beginnings, which makes every Emirati proud. This new exciting accomplishment takes the UAE to another level, increasing its reputation in the international community. We Emiratis can’t ask for ‘more’ because ‘more’ is given to us without even asking.

Another Emirati, Sara Al Remeithi, remarks, “Hazza Al Mansoori’s very important step in representing the UAE in space will enhance the UAE’s soft power. I feel proud and excited to see this achievement, even if it is from a distance. This is the first step, but definitely not the last. There’s no limit to what the UAE and humans can achieve in space.”

 Emirati Eiman Al Menhali can’t believe this is happening. “I can’t express this achievement and pride in words.”

 “The UAE mission to space signifies a step into the future, a future filled with endless possibilities, with no limits to what we can achieve as a nation. In only 48 years we have achieved the unthinkable. We have risen from the ground to the clouds, and reaching for the stars now,” asserts UAE national Shamma Al Shehhi.

 Reem Al Ameri comments, “For two Emirati astronauts to embark on a space mission is a great milestone. I feel immense pride to be able to witness this breakthrough development as they embark on this journey on behalf of the UAE and all Emiratis.”

Earlier, the main crew and the back-up crew saw the rocket carrying the Soyuz MS-15 into space, which is now being assembled. They entered the Soyuz MS-15 to ensure its readiness, and met a team of experts and engineers to check that it had been prepared according to the observations made by both crews in their first fit check, a few days ago.

Mohamed Lari says, “The challenges Hazza Al Manzouri will face will serve as an inspiration for the young Emiratis. It is a heroic act that will raise the flag of the UAE and represent the Arab region in space. I hope that everything will go through smoothly as he flies to space. Hazza will mark another milestone in the history of the UAE.’’

Said Elbanna, Partner/EliteMedia, avers, “As an Arab American having heard and read in the English and international media about western breakthroughs in all fields, I am proud that there is an Arab country making such a remarkable achievement.

“This is mainly that over the years the Mars space mission was and is the most ambitious achievement of all and has sparked in us a dream to see one of our countries follow the same path.

 “Therefore what I see most important about this mission is that as it is making a dream come true, it shows the UAE’s determination to invest in science at the hands of its citizens, a thing that every country in the Arab world should follow. This will pave the way for more achievements.”

Ahmed Mohammed Kheiri, a Sudanese legal consultant, stressed, “By sending an Emirati into space, the UAE has set a good example for our countries to follow. Of course, this is a great move for the UAE and the Arab and Islamic countries at large.

“With such leaps and numerous studies that are going to be conducted with the aim of making discoveries for the benefit of humanity, we protect our future by finding out how to adjust to different environments since there is a goal to inhabit Mars.”

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