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VIDEO: Father beats 3-year-old daughter for not walking, taken into custody


A video grab shows the father torturing the baby girl.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

An Arab national has been arrested for beating up his 3-year-old daughter. The man mercilessly tortured his daughter in order to make her walk.

The gruesome video shows a Palestinian man forcibly making her daughter stand and then starts slapping her. The location of the video has been reported to be somewhere in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development spokesman Khaled Aba Khail said on Twitter, “The Violence Reporting Center is verifying the video and searching for the person who appeared in the video clip.”

The Saudi Ministry later said Riyadh police have arrested a Palestinian resident for torturing his 3-year-old daughter and have provide a care for the child in coordination with the concerned authorities.

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim took to her Instagram account to condemn the act.

She said, “First I apologise for publishing painful scenes but I could not ignore the cruelty, lack of humanity and mercy! We demand to hang this devil and everyone who participated in this crime in front of all people and protect the girl child!!! We call on associations and governments to show solidarity to protect children from these disgusting forms!!! As for me, I say God burns you with the fire of hell, son of the streets! @unicef @uniceflebanon #nadinenassibnjeim..”

Omar Zorba, a Jordanian blogger, said on Facebook that the man in the video is a weird man. 

Saudi ministry said all four children of the Palestinian man were taken away for care and protection.

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