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Enjoy free Wi-Fi in Abu Dhabi parks now


Photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Mohamed Alaa/Emadueddin Khalil, Staff Reporters

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi has provided a free Wi-Fi service for visitors of six public parks in the city (Khalidiya, Heritage, Family, Capital, Post Office and Sheikh Hazza).

The new service will enable visitors to access securely and seamlessly to all government websites and chatting applications, E-mail and social networking sites using laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The Municipality earlier removed the outer fences of those gardens within its plan “gardens without fences,” which goes in line with its keenness to provide recreational spaces for families and children and support communication between members of the community to ensure happiness for them.

This approach is part of the Public Parks Rehabilitation Project in the island of Abu Dhabi, which aims to create an environment that provides comfort and luxury to the public by promoting and improving the level of recreational facilities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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