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14 Asians in the dock over prostitution


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

Al Ain Police have arrested 14 Asian men and women, mostly absconding from their sponsors, on charges of practising prostitution in two houses in Al Ain.

The police arrested the suspects after Al Ain Investigation Department received tipoffs alerting that an Asian ran a brothel and trafficked in human beings by selling an Asian woman working in a brothel to work in another, for Dhs3,000.

The suspects confessed to practising immorality and prostitution, violating the law of residency and absconding from the sponsor. The Public Prosecution charged three of them with running a brothel and pushing the women to practise prostitution.

One of them was also charged with adultery, while others were charged with prostitution and adultery, illegal stay and absconding from the sponsor.

During interrogations, the first suspect, DA, a 30-year-old Asian, confessed to running a brothel, adding he absconded from his sponsor six years ago. He confessed he worked with the second and third suspects, AM and SA, in prostitution after renting two houses to receive customers for Dhs50.

The second suspect confessed to working with the first and third to run the brothel and helping them rent the house. They agreed that the other two would lure the girls and share the profits.

Some of the suspects, aged between 30 and 40, confessed they worked in the brothel after absconding from their sponsors.

One of them, 35, who absconded from her sponsor a year and a half ago, said a week before being arrested, she was in a mall, and an Asian woman offered her a prostitution job for Dhs25 per person and she accepted it.

The suspects were referred to court.

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