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Prisoner hits police officers with door handle


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A jail inmate went on rampage and smacked two police officers with a door handle. He will spend one year behind bars and pay a Dhs2, 000 fine.  The Arab defendant, 40, assaulted a policeman who was conducting his duties of securing the Dubai Central Jail. He struck him on the head with a metallic steel handle, prosecutors explained to the jury.

He also loudly pelted him with insults targeting him and his colleagues and describing them as being something else but not police officers. This happened on Mar.4, read Al Hebab Police Station records.

He also hurled insults at a police sergeant and described him as lacking in courtesy. “You don’t look like a police officer,” he yelled. He damaged the door handle and the detention ward’s door glass.

He rendered them unfit for use. The damage was worth Dhs2, 205. During a hearing on Aug.1 prosecutors demanded the Dubai Criminal Court to hand him a tough penalty. The court has found him guilty. The Iranian policeman, 28, narrated that he was on duty in the male detainees’ section at around 7:30am on Mar.4 when the defendant took him by surprise and struck him on the head with a piece of metal.

It tore the skin of his forehead. He underwent a surgery. “He also assaulted my colleague the sergeant, with the same weapon,” said the policeman and complained, “He insulted me using obscene words.”

The Emirati sergeant, 30, narrated, “I was on duty in the central jail when I saw the defendant shouting. He was angry. He was carrying a piece of metal. I approached him and tried to ask him for calm.

“However, he charged at me and struck my right arm with the piece of metal. I sustained a swelling on the targeted area.” The sergeant added that the defendant also insulted him using foul words. Both police officers complained to the Dubai Police Criminal Investigations Department. The policeman ended up in Rashid Hospital for suturing.

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