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Court probes drug conviction of man facing jail


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Amir El Sonny, Staff Reporter

The Court of Appeal in Fujairah on Thursday looked into the case of a young man, Khaleeji, who had been sentenced to two years in jail over the conviction in a drug case.

According to the police records, the convict had been arrested after a syringe containing a psychotropic substance was found behind the back seat of his car. The car had been impounded due to the traffic violation that he committed.

The defendant’s lawyer, Fatima Al Ali, filed a plea before the Court, arguing that the defendant had been convicted in a traffic case, but after eight months of the judgment, he was surprised to be arrested in another case that was related to the traffic case.

The lawyer wondered, “How come after eight months of the traffic case, the charge of possessing psychotropic substances came up, however the impounded vehicle had been already searched before proceeding with the impoundment, while he was not present during the search of the vehicle?”

She pointed out that the accusation must be a contemporary of the traffic case and to be based on modern investigations, so she requested acquittal to the defendant.

Earlier, the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court heard the case of an Arab girl accused of impersonating another and posting a photo of a lawyer on social media.

The accused created a group through the “Snapchat” application and used a picture belonging to the plaintiff, a lawyer, as the group’s profile photo. She also introduced herself to the group as a lawyer, using the photocopy of the plaintiff’s card.

The lawyer discovered that there was a person using her photo and she was able to identify the doer. The lawyer file a lawsuit against the Arab girl, who was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution and from there to the aforementioned court. The girl admitted before the court that she ha

d unlawfully used a photo of the plaintiff and her lawyer card.

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