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AD Criminal Court convicts 5 civil servants


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The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court convicted five civil servants of abusing their powers jobs at a UAE border exit in promoting vice and breaching public morals by wooing women in such a manner that offended their modesty and undermined the border exit’s reputation.

The court sentenced them to 3 years in jail and fined them Dhs100,000.

The court also convicted one of the defendants of abusing his powers to obtain and disclose information about individuals. It sentenced him to three years in jail on this charge and ordered that he be sacked. The court ordered that the other civil servants be sacked for three years only.

The investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi showed that in 2018 and 2019 the five defendants abused their powers, job titles and missions in wooing girls and women crossing the border exit by chatting with them, exchanging telephone numbers and sending text messages, luring them to establish friendship and have affairs with them.

The investigations also showed that one of the defendants abused his powers and defrauded his colleagues to obtain security and criminal information about other people and providing such information to his friends and associates based on their request.

It was shown that the entity for which the defendants worked had warned them several times to abstain from such practices but it seemed that they did not comply.

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