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Abu Dhabi Police foil smuggling of 18 workers through UAE border


The workers were hidden inside truck compartments.

Abu Dhabi Police have foiled an attempt to smuggle 18 workers in a truck at the port of Al-Shakla in the city of Al Ain.

There were a number of women among the 18 workers. They were trying to enter the country illegally.

The Abu Dhabi Police had received security information about the infiltration attempted at the port.

Worker-Ain-750 Illegal workers lie underneath the truck floor.

The police coordinated with the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Customs to seize the infiltrators.

Abu Dhabi Police praised the cooperation of the strategic partners and their fruitful efforts, which contributed to the seizure and cracking down on illegal attempts.

The Abu Dhabi Police confirmed their keenness to enhance the security and stability process and to intensify efforts in cooperation with the competent authorities to strengthen inspection, follow-up and control procedures.

The police pointed out that infiltration across borders is one of the most dangerous operations that have negative effects on the security of society.

The police have made it clear that there will be no letup in security checks.

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