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Woman discredits lawyer on social media


Photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Amir Al Sonny, Staff Reporter

The Fujairah Misdemeanour Court has heard the case of an Arab girl accused of impersonating another and posting a photo of a lawyer on social media.

The accused created a group through the “Snapchat” application and used a picture belonging to the plaintiff, a lawyer, as the group’s profile photo. She also introduced herself to the group as a lawyer, using the photocopy of the plaintiff’s card.

The lawyer discovered that there was a person using her photo and she was able to identify the doer. The lawyer file a lawsuit against the Arab girl, who was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution and from there to the aforementioned court. The girl admitted before the court that she had unlawfully used a photo of the plaintiff and her lawyer card.

The defendant said she did so after people forced her to sign a paper in return for Dhs50,000 to publish the plaintiff’s photo to discredit her. The complainant’s lawyer asked the court to include other defendants in the case after presenting evidence showing a voice recording of the girl confessing her act. The court then postponed the case to the next session to announce the verdict.

Recently, the Fujairah Criminal Court heard the case of four young Arabs charged with attempted theft, drinking and possession of alcohol.

The suspects went to Fujairah from Dubai to spend the weekend with a carton full of bottles of wine. They reportedly rented an apartment where they spent the night and drank alcohol.

At midnight, the first suspect thought of robbing a jewellery store opposite the building they stayed in and agreed with his friends to carry out the crime.

The suspects headed to the store and broke its door with a piece of iron trying to break into it, but a passerby saw them and immediately contacted the police. The police rushed to the place and arrested them.

Recently, a Khaleeji drug peddler was given a 10-year-jail term and slapped with a fine of Dhs50,000 by the Fujairah Criminal Court.

According to the police records, the Anti-Narcotics Department received verified information the defendant had brought narcotics to Fujairah for peddling purposes.

A team put him under surveillance and arrested him in an ambush in possession of narcotics.

He was then transferred to the Public Prosecution and was charged with trafficking and promoting drugs.

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