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Free Wi-Fi offered on public transport buses in Abu Dhabi


The project is unique in the region in terms of providing wireless communication devices capable of using 5G technologies.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi has launched in cooperation with Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du), a free Wi-Fi service project on public transport buses in the emirate. This project was launched during a media tour with the participation of a number of media representatives to experience the first bus in Abu Dhabi providing free Wi-Fi to its passengers.

This comes after signing a special contract between the two parties to provide a service that will delight bus users from all segments of the community, and create an atmosphere of joy and enjoyment during their commute on board and make their experience comfortable and distinctive throughout their journey.

The project is unique in the region in terms of providing wireless communication devices capable of using 5G technologies and their ability to transform and adapt according to the communication service available on buses, in the main stations and in all air-conditioned waiting umbrellas in the Emirate.

It will start in accordance with the contract signed between the two sides to provide Wi-Fi Emirates service on all public buses, and to experience the service initially aboard (10) buses operating within the city of Abu Dhabi, as well as in the main bus station in the city, and in one of the air-conditioned bus shelters. The project will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2020 when the service will be available in all the public transport buses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which counts at present (520) buses, in addition to the main bus stations in the cities of the emirate and all air-conditioned bus shelters.

Mohammed Hamad Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Public Transport at the Integrated Transport Center, said, "The signing of the contract with du to provide a free Wi-Fi service on public buses, is a part of the ongoing efforts by the ITC to improve the quality of services in this sector and to meet customers’ needs in order to raise the level of satisfaction of our services. The introduction of Wi-fi on public transport buses helps to make them popular means of transport by providing sophisticated and modern facilities. This reflects the keenness of the ITC to keep pace with the smart transformation process taking place in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi."

Al Muhairi added that Emirates Wifi supports Abu Dhabi's vibrant position in various ways, enabling public bus users to interact and communicate continuously via their mobile devices, making the most of their trips on the bus by pursuing their work or leisure tasks via their phones, tablets or laptops in an easy, fast and highly efficient way.

Currently, the service is available on the following routes: Route 43 connecting major areas of Abu Dhabi from the Corniche Hospital to Al Mushrif Mall via Corniche Street, Electra Street, Qasr Al Hosn, Airport Road, Al Falah Street, Al Karama, Alwazarat bridge, Airport Road, and Mushrif.

Route 41 connecting the Corniche Hospital to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center via Hamdan Street, Airport Road, the Pepsi Factory, and the Zayed Military Hospital.

Route A1 connecting the Abu Dhabi Airport City Terminal to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Fahad Al Hasawi, the Executive Vice President of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Services - Services sector, said, "du continues to make constant efforts to provide all its customers with services and solutions that will facilitate their lives. Our partnership with the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Center aims to enhance the lifestyle and happiness of UAE residents by offering them value-added services. At du, we recognize the customers’ needs to find a provider of communication services that enables them to achieve more and follow their dreams. We listen to them and provide the services they need wherever they are. We are happy to support this unique project and look forward to presenting them with a range of innovative services that align with our strategy to promote development and growth across the UAE, and to emphasize our full commitment to strengthening cooperation with various partners in all fields and sectors to develop services that will enhance the experience for customers."

To operate the service, bus passengers must activate Wifi on their device and choose to connect to Emirates Wifi by du in order to receive a text message with a passcode. Passengers enter the code and can immediately enjoy the service as per the terms and conditions.

The Integrated Transport Centre is making the free wireless Internet connection service available on board public transport buses to enhance the attractiveness of bus use and increase community demand for public transport. This in turn will help to reduce exhaust emissions from private vehicles and maintain a sustainable, healthy and clean living environment.

It also comes within the ITC’s continuous quest to provide distinctive transport experiences and access to a modern integrated transport network that meets the needs of residents, visitors and tourists, enhancing the quality of life in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.




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