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Court postpones hearing in cop assault case


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court postponed a case involving two Asian siblings charged with assaulting and restraining a cop.   According to the police records, the witness confirmed he had alerted the police about a fight in the house next to him. It was a brawl involving a group of Asians, he told the police.The assaulted cop went to the scene, asked the first defendant to show his ID card, but he refused. The cop then asked the defendant to get inside the patrol vehicle so he could take him to the police station, but the latter refused and remained stubborn. The cop tried to forcefully make the defendant enter the vehicle.

The second defendant grabbed the cop’s shirt from behind and tried to stop him. The first defendant pushed him forward. Relatives of the defendants grabbed them and the cop to end the quarrel, according to the witness.

Upon confrontation the two defendants denied the testimony of the witness.

The lawyer of the defendants asked the Court to hear the testimony of another cop, who went to the scene after the quarrel involving the first cop.

The Sharjah Criminal Court has postponed the case to Sept 10, to summon the cop and hear his testimony.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard a case in which two Asians were charged with kidnapping a compatriot woman in their vehicle.

The public prosecution accused the defendants of kidnapping the victim by luring her into their vehicles and driving away fast.

During the trial, the defendants denied the charge.

One of the defendants pleaded the victim decided of her own free will to accompany them in their vehicle. And that they did not kidnap her.

The other defendant pleaded he was only driving the vehicle while the first defendant and the victim were interacting in English, which he did not speak.

The court decided to adjourn the hearing to Sep 4. A lawyer would be delegated to defend the defendants.

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