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Brazil president's son Eduardo Bolsonaro to meet with Trump on Friday


Eduardo Bolsonaro looks on during a session of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defense of the Chambers of Deputies in Brasilia. File photo/Reuters

The son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Eduardo Bolsonaro, will meet US President Donald Trump on Friday, he said on Thursday in Brasilia.

Eduardo Bolsonaro will be appointed by his father as the new Brazilian ambassador to the United States, but his name has not been sent to the Senate for voting and confirmation.

Eduardo will travel on Thursday evening to Washington with Brazil’s Foreign Minister Eduardo Araújo, he said. “We’ll talk about the Amazon region and the G7 meeting. Trump is very informal, as my father is. We’ll certainly talk about these issues.”

The president’s son, a congressman, said he will thank the U.S. president for defending Brazil during the last G7 meeting over the fires in the Amazon rainforest. Earlier on Thursday, President Bolsonaro also thanked Trump for his support.

Eduardo’s nomination was not yet sent to the Brazilian Senate, but he said he will start talking to senators and that he has the US backing for the post. “It’s clear that we have a good relationship with the White House,” he told reporters.

Brazil’s government is not sure it has the Senate votes required to seal Eduardo Bolsonaro’s nomination, as many senators object to the president putting his son forward for one of the country’s most important diplomatic jobs.


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