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Three suspects on trial for armed robbery


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court has looked into a robbery case during its first hearing on Sunday that involved three Africans suspects who attacked and robbed an Asian man.

According to the leads on the case, the three suspects attacked and brutally beaten the victim using a stick in an attempt to rob him while he was helpless and unarmed.

Additionally, the suspects denied all directed accusations once they faced the court, and only confessed to beating the victim using their fist and without the use of any weapons. They pointed out that their aggressive behaviour was a result of the victim’s initial attack and theft of one of the accused’s brother, which ignited the fire of taking revenge from the victim.

The three suspects stressed that the victim was not alone during the incident, but was among a group of 6 or more people who fled the scene immediately once the fight started.

Based on the above, the Sharjah Criminal Court decided to adjourn the session to 10th of September to summon the victim and hear the testimonies of the other witnesses.

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