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Video: Emirati man ordered to do community service over reckless driving


The Emirati man sweeps a road in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a young Emirati man for reckless driving, breaking traffic laws and regulations, and disturbing public order.

The man was seen driving over an island of a roundabout, performing dangerous stunts and putting the lives of road users in danger.

The man has been ordered to perform community service in the Emirate.  

Abu Dhabi Police stressed that reckless drivers will be punished according to the law.

The police warned against driving recklessly on roads, avoiding dangerous races and demonstrations that endanger the lives of road users. The police stressed that the law will be applied to all, stopping them, seizing their vehicles and referring them to the judiciary to take legal action against them.

The authorities explained that participation in races and show off and boast of driving and surrounding the vehicle, or making dangerous movements, or even participating in the publication of videos containing these actions and races on social networking sites, is a criminal act.

The police urged the youth to abide by the laws and to be responsible, and promote positive behaviors, which contribute to the reduction of serious traffic accidents and deaths.

The police said that there is no complacency in dealing with the perpetrators of major violations.

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