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Dustman arrested for stealing mobile phone


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Ameer Al Sunni, Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporters

The Fujairah Misdemeanour Court has heard a case in which a dustman has been charged with theft.

According to the official records, the defendant, who worked in a shopping mall, found a mobile phone under a table, at a restaurant. Instead of handing the mobile phone over to the mall’s security office, he hid it in his pocket.

The defendant later went to the water closet, took the mobile phone chip and switched it off. In the evening, he went to a mobile phone repair shop and asked the technician to reset the mobile pin claiming to have forgotten the password. The suspicious technician handed the mobile phone to the storeowner who asked the defendant several questions including where he bought the mobile phone from.

When the defendant got confused while replying, the storeowner called the police. They came immediately and arrested the defendant.

Upon interrogation, the defendant confessed to the theft. The Public Prosecution ordered that he be referred to the courts of law.

In another event, the Sharjah Criminal Court  postponed on Monday the trial of three Africans charged with assault and robbery to Sept.10 to hear the plaintiff and the witnesses.

According to the police records, the three defendants beat up the victim with sticks before robbing him when he was alone.

The defendants denied the charge of robbery in the court. They, however, confessed to assaulting the victim with hands, not sticks. They also claimed that they committed the act to avenge an attack by the victim on one of their brothers. They claimed the victim had also committed robbery.

The defendants affirmed the victim was not alone, but with a group of six persons, who fled the scene once they arrived. They then fought using their hands, they added.

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