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Court adjourns Dhs1.5m robbery case hearing


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Emaduddin Khalil, Staff Reporters

An Arab man and his accomplices broke into a store, and stole contents worth Dhs1.5m approx., the Sharjah Criminal Court heard.

The case dates back to Jun.18 when the defendant, AQ, and other accomplices broke into a store, stole its contents and ran away.

In the court, the defendant denied all the charges levelled against him, claiming the police accused him in five other cases and coerced him to admit to the crimes.

The defendant also refused to acknowledge any of those involved in the theft.

The court has adjourned the hearing to Dec.3 to probe the other defendants.

In another event, the Criminal Court in Sharjah on Sunday looked into the case of an Asian man charged with  possessing a suitcase containing heroin.

The Criminal Laboratory examination proved the suspicious substance the defendant was carrying was narcotics.

The defendant’s medical examination also showed him positive to another kind of narcotics.

He was referred to the Court over the charges of possessing and abusing narcotics, but he denied both. He also denied his knowledge that those substances were narcotics, claiming that the bag only contained clothes.

During a court hearing, he admitted that he had consumed hashish in his home country two days before he was caught, but did not abuse any drugs inside the country.

The court ordered the hearing to be adjourned until Sept.10 to summon a poison expert to discuss the defendant’s claim that he had consumed cannabis in his home country and verify the report on his blood analysis.

Recently, a 13-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital when she accidentally swallowed a 2.5-centimetre pin “that settled near her heart.”

The accident happened “as she was preparing to wear her veil.”

The “coughing, uncomfortable and terrified” patient was initially seen by doctors at the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Clinic after arrival at the Emergency Section of the hospital.

A series of medical tests and analysis revealed the pin had lodged in one of the lower bronchi of the girl’s left lung adjacent to the heart muscle.

The ENT team tried to extricate the pin but was “unsuccessful” so it was determined that the next better option was endoscopy.

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