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Sharjah student wins Princess Diana Award


Hamza Baig receives his award certificate from the officials during a ceremony.

Hamza Aamir Baig a student of grade 8, Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys Branch bagged the Princess Diana Award 2019.

He worked wholeheartedly for the community, unaware that his efforts would be picked up by an awarding body.

He is humbled that all the social work that he was actively involved in has gained international recognition.

Hamza wholeheartedly thanked his school, his teachers, green globe and his mentor Dr Tayyaba Mahmood who has considered him to be a worthy and eligible holder of his acknowledgement.

He believes that without this wonderful team he would not be able to achieve what he have been awarded for today.

It was quite a task to manage academics and philanthropic work.

In his personal view, if you enjoy doing something, you will always make time for it, no matter how congested your day might sound like.

When he started participating in philanthropic work, he could barely complete his task in a week but perseverance is what kept him going (special mention to his mother who just does not let him quit).

He also have divided working days for different tasks which keeps him very well organised.

He believes that you must love what you do,And the task becomes a hobby.

Among his strongest supporters were parents, younger brother Hamad, his grand parents and his aunt.

Apart from his family, he believes his other influences include Princess Diana, The Great Sheikh Zayed and Mother Teresa.

All throughout he was unaware that his efforts would stand out bright to the Award panel and he is absolutely humbled to all the appreciation.

He believes and have learnt the hard way ''no matter what, do not give up!'' You have the power to change the world.

The world needs more kind,understanding And humble people. He aspires to become a selfless person, to be able to give to the needful, to spread whatever knowledge he has, and to spread positive energy wherever he goes.

Hamza says, "I would to dedicate this Award to my parents (my entire support system), to all my mentors, each one of those who helped the environment and special thanks to my school for offering each one of us a platform to shine brightly.

"To all those reading this article; have a goal in life, be sure on what you do, find your passion and do it with all your heart and soul. Rest assured, the outcome is worth every effort."

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