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AD Municipality completes projects worth Dhs70.7m


Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street in Abu Dhabi.

Mohamed Alaa, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has carried out a number of projects aimed at maintenance of sidewalks, dirt areas, infrastructure, rainwater drainage facilities and lighting poles during the past eight months at an estimated cost of Dhs70.7 million.

The rainwater drainage networks have been maintained at a cost of Dhs16.330 million, while lighting poles’ maintenance cost reached Dhs15 million, and Dhs1.171 million for the rehabilitation of a garden and the entrance of a shopping center. The move aimed to preserve the infrastructure and the public safety for road users and to maintain aesthetics in general.

The operations division of the sub-municipalities – Downtown Municipality - completed the development of the centre island of the Arabian Gulf Street, opposite the Court Bridge and the ADNEC pedestrian bridge. The division completed all works in a record time not exceeding 30 days, while it was scheduled to be completed within 90 days. This is the result of the joint efforts of all parties and departments. It pointed out that the area that had been developed in the centre island reached 1,410 meters long, including agricultural works, irrigation pipes, and hard aesthetics and other requirements of beautification and rehabilitation.

The play area was also rehabilitated in plot no. 24 - East Zone 3-2 in Abu Dhabi on the roof of the multi-storey car park building. The cost of the project reached Dhs171,954. It comes within the framework of the municipality’s keenness to provide recreational spaces for families and children and enhance communication between members of the community. The Municipality further in cooperation with the administration of Khalidiya Mall, has developed, in two phases, the entrances of sidewalks and parking spaces in front of the mall, where the required works have been completed at a cost of one million dirhams.

Through the Downtown Municipality, a number of projects have been implemented to maintain and rehabilitate the sidewalks and dirt areas located on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street in Abu Dhabi, and to maintain the sidewalks of a number of mosques on the island of Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas to the fullest.

Development projects included the dirt area along the Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street opposite Union National Bank, including cleaning and leveling the site, as well as installing geotextile, plastic edges, and other works.

Moreover, a project was also implemented to maintain a number of sidewalks in the East Zone 14-Al-Zahia. This project aims to complete the development and improvement of infrastructure facilities and assets in the area, and to remove distortions. The length of the reefs that have been rehabilitated and maintained an area of 612.50 square meters at a cost of more than Dhs269,000 dirhams.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality also completed road maintenance works at a cost of Dhs10.571 million, including Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, the port area in Abu Dhabi Island and on the mainland - Khalifa City, Al Rahba, Bani Yas, Al Adalah and Yas Island Tunnel. The works included removing sand, repairing damaged metal barriers, maintenance of bridges, road lining and asphalt works on external roads, in addition to maintenance of rainwater drainage networks at a cost of Dhs1.554. While the maintenance of lighting poles networks reached Dhs1.3 million, which included Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road E22, Al Faya Road E75, Al Shamkha City, Abu Dhabi Gate, New Bahia and Ghantoot.

It has implemented a project aimed at maintaining and rehabilitating the sidewalks and dirt areas along the Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street in Abu Dhabi, as part of the integrated plan aimed at eliminating all distortions, as well as keen to develop and strengthen the components of infrastructure, roads, sidewalks and public utilities in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs.

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