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School supervisor fined over student’s punishment


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Mohamed Ibrahim, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Federal Court fined a supervisor at a private school in the emirate Dhs10,000 over forcing a student to take off his shoes and remain barefoot during noontime, which led to hurting his feet as the temperature was high. The defendant was entrusted by the school administration to take care of the students, but she hurt them, the plaintiff’s lawyer said.  The Court has also referred the case to the civil judiciary.

The Sharjah Misdemeanour Court charged the supervisor of the school that follows the American curriculum with endangering the life of a student by committing a cruel act that could have affected his emotional, psychological, mental and moral balance in the institution where she works.

The details of the case, according to Public Prosecution, date back to May 9, 2018, when the student’s father lodged a complaint with the police indicating that his son had been abused by the school supervisor. He said that the defendant forced him to take off his shoes and walk during the noontime barefoot. He added that his son went to the accused after the class ended to take his shoes back, but she expelled him and refused to give the shoes, so he walked to the school bus barefoot.

He also noted that his son repeatedly tried to persuade the supervisor to return the shoes, but she refused, and did not return them to him, until the bus supervisor took them from her and gave to him.

An earlier report said the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) set certain requirements for enrolling students in private schools in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in accordance with the policies and procedures for enrolling students to ensure that every student gets an appropriate education.

Among these requirements is that schools shall admit students of determination (mild to moderate cases) and offer additional appropriate learning support as required or needed.

Schools may test students of determination (mild to moderate cases) and may require the student to take certain placement tests to be able to provide proper educational and psychological support and not for the purpose of accepting or rejecting a student.

The ADEK asserted its keenness to provide a high quality educational system in the emirate that promotes innovation and excellence, and contributes to empowering students to face future challenges through programmes, initiatives and regulations that improve the educational process and its outputs from kindergarten to high school.

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