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Residents carry on with Eid celebratory spree


Crowds at Dubai Festival City are stunned by the spectacular fireworks to mark Eid celebrations. Kamal Kassim/Gulf Today

Raghib Hassan, Staff Reporter

The residents of the UAE celebrated Eid Al Azha with great fervour and excitement. They started their day on Sunday with prayer, then most of them headed to meet and greet their friends and relatives. Despite hot weather in the UAE, movement of people on the roads in Sharjah and Dubai looked more than usual. A lot of residents also visited Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah to spend Eid Al Azha with their family and friends. There was a heavy rush at the mountain, where a lot of families were seen having a good time. They were all in a celebration mood. Even late in the night, lots of visitors were seen coming to the mountainside.

Dubai’s most famous tourist destination, The Dubai Mall, was also flooded with visitors in the afternoon. People had no issues in getting parking there, but the food court of The Dubai Mall witnessed a huge crowd. Lots of families and their kids attired in their traditional dresses added charm to the place. The food court of The Dubai Mall looked like a glimpse of the world.

Those who sacrificed animals in Sharjah were also very happy to return home much earlier than they expected. They went to distribute meat to their friends and relatives late in the afternoon.  

Younger generations looked busy in talking selfies and sending them to their near and dear ones at the Al Majaz Park late in the evening.

Sharjah’s Al Majaz Waterfront saw a huge number of visitors in the night. A good number of the emirate’s residents camped at the park. The long holiday and school breaks have really added joy to their celebrations. Sweet shops and bakeries were flooded with customers. People had to wait for hours to get their orders ready.

Talking about the celebration, a Sharjah resident, Tufail Ahmad Khan, said, “It was a great day for all of us. We wait for such occasions to meet our friends and relatives. I make sure to invite all my friends and relatives on the first day of Eid Al Azha at my home. 

“Then the next day, I with my family and kids go to meet them. I also have a few relatives who are working in Al Dhaid, so I also went to meet them at their place. I took food and sweets with us to share with them,” said Khan.

Another Dubai resident, Farqalit Usman said, “I live alone here. I miss my family on such occasions. But I spoke to my family who are settled in Delhi, India. Then I went out to meet my colleagues and friends. I make sure I carry sweets and attar with me to share with them.” For Usman Eid without family looks incomplete.

But Sharjah resident Firdaus started his day with prayer. Then he headed to the Sharjah Birds and Animal Market with his friends. He purchased a goat and then headed to the slaughterhouse. He was thrilled to be at home much earlier than expected.

He said, “I invited all my friends and relatives to have lunch and dinner with me. It was a very fulfilling day for me. I have a 6-year-old son, so I wanted him to show him how to hosts guests and treat them nicely at home.”

Another Sharjah resident, Mohammad Ahmad, said, “I missed my family today. They are gone to India on a summer vacation, so I was left alone to celebrate Eid Al Azha this year. But I have lots of friends here, therefore, I went to meet them and spend a full day there,” he added.

For another Dubai-resident Mohammed Ashfaque, Eid Al Azha is all about outing. He has been celebrating Eid Al Azha here for 15 years and but he does not miss out on the barbecue on the beach. He said, “On the second day of the festival, I go on to the beach with all my friends to do barbecue. I have been doing this for almost 15 years. All my friends keep themselves free for BBQ. Actually, BBQ is just an excuse, but I want to meet all of them to sit together and chat,” he said.

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