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Fake policeman lands in court


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Ameer Al Sunni, Ehab Atta, Staff Reporters

A Gulf youth was charged with impersonating a policeman, blackmailing and drinking alcoholic beverages, the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court heard in a session.

According to the official records, the defendant chased a truck driver and ordered him to stop after claiming to be a policeman. The defendant then asked the driver for his driving licence and the latter obeyed without asking him to verify his identity. The defendant then ordered the victim to hand over to him a sum of money in return for his release, to which he agreed. The victim was then allowed to go.

In a similar incident, the defendant stopped another truck driver and ordered him to present his driving licence. He again ordered the driver to give him a sum of money for his release. The victim gave the money to the defendant without asking him to verify his identity and was allowed to go.

The two victims reported the incident to the police. Following intensive investigations, the criminal investigation agents were able to arrest the defendant. He was found in a drunk state. The public prosecution ordered the defendant be referred to the court on charges of extortion, impersonation and alcohol consumoption.

In another case, The Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced an Arab woman, 35, to three months in jail to be followed by deportation for blackmailing a Gulf citizen to pay Dhs140,000 in return for not disclosing his personal secrets.

The victim testified that he met the defendant a short while ago and used to invite her to restaurants and help her with  money as she was a divorcee and had children in her home country.

He also shared some of his personal matters, related to friends and family, and offered to marry her provided she quits  her work as a night club dancer. She agreed but did not comply. He talked to her several times but in vain.

He cut off his relationship with her, changed his mobile phone and went abroad for a while.

When he returned, he was shocked when his  friends told him  the defendant was calling them and asking about him. He immediately had his old mobile number reactivated and called her. The woman asked for money and he gave her Dhs5,500 but she asked for more. She threatened she would send video clips of her and him together in Spain to his family, parents and friends if he does not give her 140,000 Moroccan dirhams plus Dhs4,500 per month, saying she was not afraid of the scandal.

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