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Indian, Pakistani celebrities speak up against human rights violations in Kashmir


Zaira Wasim and Dia Mirza

With tensions in Indian Occupied Kashmir escalating owing to the aggression enforced by the Indian forces, many strong voices from Bollywood and Pakistan have come out backing the brutality by Narendra Modi’s government.

Former actor Zaira Wasim, however, stands in solidarity with the Kashmiri people in these times of turmoil giving hope and love through a simple statement.

“This too shall pass,” tweeted Zaira.

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Moreover, actors Dia Mirza and Sanjay Suri have also been vocally against the violence, hoping for peace in the region.

“My thoughts are with #Kashmir. Praying for peace #KashmirNeedsAttention,” wrote Dia while Sanjay said: “Stay safe one and all in #JammuKashmir.”

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Pakistani celebrities have also slammed Indian government's move against the Kashmiri people's right to self determination.


Marwa Hocane

Amongst them is famed Pakistani artist Marwa Hocane who has come forth condemning the atrocities in the valley amidst widespread bloodshed and terror and a lock-down in the region.

Turning to Twitter, the 'Jawani Phir Nai Aani' starlet writes:

"I can NOT sleep tonight. #Kashmir What are we turning this world into? Why are we killing each other? What do we want? Is power really so important for mankind? God!!! Help us all!!!!."

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In another post, Mawra penned:

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"Where is UNHRC? It’s inhumane. #Kashmir Do we live in such dark times? Countless conventions to protect human lives? What about all the rights & rules we are taught in the books? Do they mean anything? #SaveLivesinKashmir #KashmirBleed @UN @UNICEF_Pakistan."

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UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Mahira Khan also expressed her dismay at the situation.






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