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Sharjah launches ‘Safe neighbourhood’ drive


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Sharjah Police General Directorate has launched a “Safe neighbourhood” initiative, which aims to increase the sense of safety and security in the concerned residential areas by implementing government accelerators in a manner that ensures an efficient performance for a better life for the UAE community.

A group of neighbourhoods were selected by the Sharjah Police to be the target of the launched security initiative for about 100 days.

Additionally, the initiative include awareness-raising and security campaigns that will be run with the collaboration of various departments of the Sharjah Police, by establishing a 24-hour mobile police station in the concerned neighbourhoods.

The smart police station will play the important role of receiving and responding to emergency calls from residents of the neighbourhoods, in addition to placing more traffic patrols to enhance all security aspects. Surveillance cameras of the neighbourhoods will be linked directly to the control room of Sharjah Police to ensure the efficiency and success of the initiative.

In addition to the initiative, the Media and Public Relations Department and the Community Police Department worked side by side to spread awareness among residents via text messages, social media, and distribution of multilingual pamphlets to ensure their comprehension of the security initiative in all its aspects.

Shop owners were also urged to protect their properties from burglary by taking the proper safety precautions mentioned in the awareness leaflets.

Crime prevention team of the Sharjah Police is also playing their part of preventing crimes from taking place by arresting all possible suspects in order to ensure the success of the initiative.

Furthermore, working in cooperation with Sharjah Municipality, the “safe neighbourhood” initiative will also include an organised campaign for abandoned vehicles that are parked for a long period of time in the concerned neighbourhoods, in an attempt to achieve the security objectives of the initiative.

The Sharjah Police General Directorate affirms its keenness to achieve a high level of safety and security in order to support the Federal Government’s effort of adopting new concepts of government accelerators to be implemented in a way that achieves the UAE’s vision for the year 2021, and until the UAE become the safest place in the world.

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