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Teen rape convict sent to juvenile centre


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The 16-year-old teenager who raped an eight-year-old boy and then threatened to kill him will be admitted to a juvenile centre following an order passed by the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court.

The case details revealed the child’s mother realised that her son was not well after he returned home from playing. He entered his room and claimed he would sleep so he does not have to talk to her. However, he was full of vitality and joy two hours earlier when he went out to play with his friend.

After midnight, the mother heard cries of her son, so she ran to him and saw him shriveled. His crying increased on seeing her. She contained the situation with acumen and helped him talk about why he was suffering.

The child told his mother that he was playing  football with his friend who is his age and the latter’s 16-year-old cousin. After they finished, the older boy suggested they all go home to take some rest and when they arrived, he took them to his room. He then showed annoyance with his cousin’s smell due to sweat and insisted he should to wash. The child’s friend had to obey his cousin and he went to the bathroom for washing, the little boy added.

He further said that the teenager then came closer to him and then molested. When the former refused his act and pushed him, he threatened he would kill him, his parents and brothers.

The child feared and had to succumb and the teenager raped him. The latter also threatened him if he informed anyone about what happened between them, he would kill him and his family and that whenever he wanted him, he must obey him.

The next day, the mother reported the incident to the family prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor praised the mother’s reaction, which encouraged her child to overcome the fear, and to talk to her about what happened to him, especially considering that  such cases must be reported quickly before the crime is removed from the victim’s body failing which it would make it impossible to prove.

The prosecutor ordered to arrest the teenager and send him to the forensic laboratory, which proved the defendant had committed the assault. The latter was accordingly referred to the Criminal Court, which judged to admit him to a juvenile care centre.

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