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Man accused of possessing bullets


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Aya Al Deeb, Amir Al Sonny, Staff Reporters

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court has adjourned to July 30 a case in which an Arab was charged with abusing methamphetamine, driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs, possessing bullets, colliding with a police vehicle and resisting policemen who tried to arrest him.

During the court hearing held on Tuesday, the defendant confessed to the charges of narcotics abuse, driving under the influence of drugs, possessing bullets and colliding with police vehicle but denied the charge of resisting policemen who were trying to arrest him.

In another case, The Criminal Court of Fujairah sentenced a man, in his 40s, to two years in jail, over charges of drug abuse and a periodic examination offense.

As per the details of the case, the convict had been previously convicted for drug charges and was transferred to Amal Rehabilitation Centre for treatment following the court’s decision.

He was given an appointment last April, but he failed the examination.

He was arrested and was subjected to a second examination.

He was found positive to a recent consumption of heroin.

He was interrogated and his car was searched, where amount of psychotropic substances was found.

In another case, The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal adjourned the trial of an Asian charged with attempted murder to next Sunday after the defence lawyer had requested for it to prepare her defence.

The Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to three years in jail after the description of the charge levelled against him was changed from attempted murder to beating.

During the hearing, the defendant denied the charge even after the change, saying that he had neither attempted to kill the victim nor had he beaten him.

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