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UAE surgeons to help Pakistan’s poor


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Business Bureau, Gulf Today

Avivo Group, one of the fastest-growing healthcare service providers in the GCC, has joined hands with Worldplast Foundation to help poor patients requiring reconstructive surgery during a leading charity programme in Pakistan later this month.

Beside others, the third mission of the Worldwide Charity Foundation of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery – to be held in Mardan city of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province from July 21-30 – will be attended by six surgeons including three from the UAE.

All three plastic surgeons from the UAE -- Dr Matt Stefanelli, Dr Zuhair Al Fardan and Dr Miriam Byrne – will not only extend medical assistance to the people in need but also raise awareness among communities in Pakistan about the importance and benefits of reconstructive procedures.

“Globally, skin burns caused by acid attacks and fires claim around 265,000 lives each year. Pakistan, according to the country’s Human Rights Commission, sees more than 400 acid attacks annually. Similarly, the patients of cleft lift, malformations, traumas, etc. -- many of whom belong to financially weaker section of the society --need to be treated and saved,” Avivo Group’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Dilshaad Ali said.

“The goal of Worldplast Foundation is to carry out reconstructive procedures on various types of acid attack, burns, tumours, malformations and warzone victims in developing countries to boost their emotional and functional abilities that get restored after surgery and help them spend normal and dignified lives,” he added.

Beside plastic surgeon Dr Habib Al Basti, maxillofacial surgeons Dr Osama Al Shafei and Dr Islam Kassem will also attend the event, which is aimed at helping poor patients who have no option but look at organisations like Worldplast Foundation to perform pro bono reconstructive surgery on them.

“Worldplast Foundation and the Avivo Group share common interest and goal in terms of extending medical relief in underprivileged areas and disaster zones across the globe. Pakistan, however, will remain the key focus this year,” said Dr Ali, highlighting the vision of the Dubai-based healthcare provider.

Dr Al Fardan, meanwhile, said that there is an urgent need to offer support to people who urgently need plastic surgery by funding and sending medical practitioners to the sites in Pakistan wherever they are needed the most.

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