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Sharjah boy regrets putting his parents through incredible pain


Mohammad Parvez kisses his father on the forehead.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Mohammed Parvez Alam, the 15-year-old Indian boy, whose story gripped the nation for the past 16 days, has been found safe in Ajman.  Parvez Alam, who had gone missing for two weeks, has been reunited with his family, adding relief to the residents of the UAE and abroad who were all praying for his safe return.

He was found by a police-patrolling car in Ajman on Thursday night and later the distressed family was asked by the Ajman Police to visit and identify their son.

The missing boy was taken to his home on Thursday night around 2:30am to reunite with the family.

His close relatives, especially the mother and sisters, turned very emotional to see their loved one safe and sound among them after 15 days.

The night Parvez went missing, his mother had allegedly scolded him for watching a TV serial called “Razia Sultan” on Youtube on his phone late in the night.

After the incident, around 1am the mother went to sleep. The parents got up for Fajr and noticed that Parvez was missing. They thought he had gone to the mosque, but he never returned.  

Sharjah Police’s Captain Ahmed Al Hammadi said locals in Ajman identified Parvez. He was walking around in a residential area in the emirate.

The residents immediately informed Ajman Police about the boy and his location. They also described the boy’s features, which matched with Parvez’s picture.

The Ajman Police rushed to the site and managed to find Parvez.

The Ajman Police informed the Sharjah Police station where the boy’s missing case was filed. The boy was brought to the police station and given proper care.

The Sharjah Police officials informed the parents that their son had been found.

Parvez told officials he had been living with masons in Ajman. The boy realised his mistake, and understood the distress his parents went through in the past two weeks.

He said he would never do such things again and make his family suffer like this.

The boy was taken into custody for investigation.

Parvez father, Mohammad Aftab Alam, thanked the leadership of the UAE, the Sharjah Police, and the Ajman Police.

Aftab was struggling to hold back his tears on his son’s return. Parvez mother’s eyes were swollen, as she had been crying over the past two weeks.

Aftab said all praises to the Almighty Allah. He said that no parents should ever go through this phase in life at all.

The police have been investigating into the boy’s disappearance and his stay away from his family home for the past two weeks.

The Sharjah Police had received a report about the boy disappearing. The police appealed to the public through various media, including, social networking sites, to cooperate with the authorities in finding the boy and report any information about him on certain phone numbers.

The GHQ of Sharjah Police expressed its thanks and appreciation to the members of the public for their cooperation and prompt response to the calls of the police, which helped in finding the missing boy.

The police further called on parents to take good care of their children and understand the stages of life and fluctuations that may pass them by dealing wisely and guiding without prejudice to the principles and values of rational education.

Aftab Alam, the father of the missing boy, had told Gulf Today earlier in an interview that the entire family was distressed on the sudden missing of the boy residing in the country since 2010 without facing any issues, within the family or outside.

Gulf Today reporter and photographer had a tough time conducting the interview. The photographer said, “Looking at the father’s situation made me almost cry. I couldn’t take photos properly…”

Earlier on Thursday the distressed father as a last resort had announced a reward money of Dhs5,000 to anyone who shared any details about the whereabouts of his son.

Besides checking every single corner of the neighbourhood, the family along with police, friends and relatives visited all leading hospitals, parks and malls to locate the boy who had disappeared on the wee hours of July 4 from his home located in Muwailiah, Sharjah.

Aftab Alam had received the officials from the Sharjah Child Protection Department, police and others on Friday and had many meetings.

Social media users have heaped praises on Sharjah and Ajman Police for their undeterred efforts in finding the boy.

One user, who goes by the name, Karim_allam_ said, “This is so sweet...”

Another one Deedeak said, “Hope nothing bad happened 2 him...”

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