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Sultan amends decree regulating SCC polls


Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi. File

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has issued Emiri Decree No. 21 of 2019, amending Emiri Decree No. 59 of 2015 regarding internal policies and regulations surrounding the Sharjah Consultative Council, SCC, elections.

The Emiri Decree stipulates that the provisions under articles 3, 14(ii), 21, 22 and 23 within Emiri Decree No. 59 of 2015 shall be replaced such that each electoral district shall have an electoral body composed of registered citizens in accordance with the regulations established by the Higher Committee.

The Emirate shall be divided into electoral districts according to the number of municipalities. Each electoral district shall have a number of seats for the elected members as follows: Sharjah nine seats, three seats each in Al Dhaid, Khorfakkan and Kalba, two seats each in Dibba Al Hisn and Al Madam, and one seat in each of the Al Batayeh, Mleiha and Al Hamriyah districts.

According to the Decree, the electoral districts committees shall be formed by a decision of the Higher Committee and shall be based in the electoral district concerned. The composition of each committee shall include representatives of the following departments - the police department, the municipality department, and the private sector.

The Higher Committee shall appoint a Chairman from among its members.

The Electoral Committee may establish subcommittees to assist it in the performance of its functions, subject after the approval of the Election Management Committee.

Article 21 stipulates that the applicant shall submit his application to the electoral district committee according to the approved form during the period prescribed for the candidacy, accompanied by the payment of AED 3000 to the treasury of the Higher Committee, this amount is non-refundable.

A member of the Electoral Committee who holds a public job in the Emirate shall be entitled to stand for membership of the Council, the applicant shall be suspended from the exercise of their duties from the date of announcing the final lists of candidates, and may return to their job in case they do not win, with a deduction of the days of suspension from their annual leave balances, in the case where there are no annual leave balances, the employer will calculate the leave without pay. If the member wins in the elections, then they will be considered as having resigned from their position.

If the candidate holds a public job in a non-government organisation, they must obtain the approval of their employer to grant them leave.

According to Article 22, if the candidate holds a military sector position, they must obtain the approval of their employer to stand for election and to obtain leave, and if the candidate is a member of the judiciary, they must submit proof of resignation from their post with the application for candidature, also if the candidate is a member of the existing Council, they shall be deemed to have ceased to perform their duties in the Council from the date of the announcement of the lists of the final candidates.

Each candidate may choose an agent from among the members of the Electoral Committee to which they belong. The candidate shall apply to the electoral district committee according to the approved form before the deadline set by the High Committee. The candidates’ agents shall be accredited by the Election Management Committee.

The role of the candidate’s agent shall be limited to the presence of the voting process and the screening procedures and shall exercise the powers of the candidate in this regard.

The Decree is effective from the date of issuance and other competent authorities should implement its provisions each in its respective field. The Decree also shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Sharjah Ruler amends law establishing SCC

Sheikh Sultan has issued Decree-Law No. (2) for the year 2019 amending resolution No. (3) for the year 1999 regarding the Sharjah Consultative Council, SCC.

The Decree-Law No. (2) stipulates the amendment of Articles (3, 12) from resolution No. (3) for the year 1999.


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