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Video: Pakistan rights activists’ stage protest against animal cruelty


A group of rights activists protest against animal cruelty in front of Islamabad National Press Club on Tuesday.

Adnan Mehmood, Staff Reporter

Animal rights activists took a peaceful march in the streets of Islamabad on Tuesday, protesting against animal abuse and cruelty in the capital.

Citizens of Pakistan and animal welfare organisations organised the march to protest against animal cruelty.

Activists staged their demand in front of the Islamabad National Press Club, asking Pakistan government to act.

For a long time, the state is silent on the matter of animal rights. This protest is a step ahead towards highlighting the fundamental rights of animals: provision of food, vaccination, and neutering facility. Since vaccination can eradicate the risk of communicating diseases while the availability of food will keep them calm and fulfill their basic rights.

To control the animal population, access to neutering facility will be quite effective to serve the cause.

Famous star and celebrities joined the protest.  Mishi Khan, a TV and film actor and Haroon Rashid, a singer and producer also participated.

Pakistan’s prominent animal rights activist, Anila Umair said, “Stop animal cruelty, the animals in Pakistan are suffering a lot in pet markets, zoos, strays animals on the streets, etc. There are no laws and rights for these animals.

Activist Timothy Todd Shea, CEO of CDRS organization said, “Please support animal organization in Pakistan. You need to take care of stray animals. You need to do what Turkey does Trap-Neuter-Release and this is the most main way to deal with the problem so that the population comes down naturally and we can take care better who are left behind. I have seen how they are doing in Turkey and it is amazing.”

The protest also highlighted the poor management of Islamabad zoo. Recently Islamabad High Court handed over the management of the zoo to the Ministry of Climate Change till the next hearing.

The court said that the zoo administration has not been able to “take proper care of the animals.”

The climate change secretary has been told to appoint a person to run the affairs of the zoo. The case has been adjourned till August 29.

The court said that urgent steps are required to “save detained animals from further harm and distress.”

A petition was filed in the court asking for it to hand over the zoo’s Himalayan brown bear to the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board for his medical treatment.

Organizers of the demonstration include animal rights organizations Pakistan Animal Rights Organization, Critters Arks Welfare Organisation and Comprehensive Disaster Response Services.

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